Air Conditioned Nursing Blankets

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The Problem: "At a rest stop on Interstate 95, I recently made quite a scene. I tried to feed my hungry 5 month old baby. I picked the quietest spot facing the corner and slung my trusty nursing cover over my child. Despite being ravenously hungry, baby swatted angrily at the cover, tearing it off his head each time I tried to replace it, fists punching the air, grabbing at my shirt collar. It was like a wrestling a wild bobcat in a mail sack".
Source: K. Chretien, The Forum, USA Today 12-27-2011

The Solution:
  • Generously sized 30" x 40"
  • Stops the baby kicking/pulling at the blanket to get out from underneath.
  • Built in screen cools the baby.
  • Calms the baby and mother by viewing each other during the nursing process.
  • 100% Polyester-Do Not Iron
  • REVERSIBLE-Flip over to nurse on the other breast
  • Use this blanket to cover car seats on store shopping carts
Includes Shipping & Handling
(Washington State residents pay 9.3% sales tax)

White Nursing Blanket Pink Nursing Blanket
Blue Nursing Blanket
Uses for blanket after nursing include:
- Covering a stroller
- Carrying baby
- Over car seats in retail store shopping carts